Welcome to the Advanced Energy Materials and CVD Lab website at the University of Louisville. Our group's research focuses on the development of new processes based on chemical vapor deposition (CVD) for producing large single crystal quality wafers (Diamond and Gallium Nitride) and one-dimensional materials (nanowires and nanotubes) for a variety of inorganic materials.

Our group's research interests in advanced materials and nanomaterials can be broadly categorized as the following:

  • Development of light-absorbers for energy conversion and storage
  • Fundamental research on nucleation and growth mechanisms of crystals
  • Large area single crystal quality film growth (Diamond and GaN)
  • Process development for bulk production of 1-D nanomaterials
  • Self-assembled processes for application-ready nanowire systems
  • Unique product development efforts using nano-scale building blocks: Controlled Transdermal Drug Delivery Patch, Bio/Chemical Sensors, New Electrode Materials and Energy Conversion Devices.
Process and product development research requires extensive structural and optical characterization of the materials and their surfaces. Therefore, our group maintains a large number of multi-user facilities in addition to a lab dedicated to CVD equipment necessary for advanced materials and nanotechnology research. The group consists of high school, undergraduate, M.Eng./M.S., and Ph.D. students as well as post-doctoral research associates and scientists.

The students graduating from this group undertake courses from a variety of disciplines such as: Materials for Renewable Energy Challenges, Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD), MEMS, Materials Characterization, Computational ChE/Materials Science, Solid State Physics/Physical Electronics, and Electrochemistry & Surface Science in addition to core chemical engineering courses to suit the multi-disciplinary nature of the materials nanotechnology research.

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